Newborn session

Those first few weeks of having your newborn are very special. They are so small and precious, it is a magical time to capture in pictures. I would recommend that you have your little one photographed within the first 2 weeks..possibly later depending on your baby’s changes.

I understand that these first few weeks can also be difficult too with lack of sleep, constant feeding, keeping up with the housework, having visitors etc etc. Don’t worry I have been there and do not want to add to any pressures at this time. The shoot would be very relaxed with time to feed, have cuddles, change your baby and hopefully have a hot cup of tea (quite rare in those early days)

Baby session

So you missed those first few weeks to have your newborn photographed in a whirlwind of those first few weeks. Don’t worry so did I! but that doesn’t mean you won’t get some wonderful pictures of your little one in their first year. Many babies will still happily be swaddled up to 2 months old so you can get those not quite  newborn but still tiny pictures.

Whether your baby is laying, rolling, sitting, crawling, cruising or climbing every developmental milestone is fun to photograph. These shoots work very well at your own home documenting your babies daily routine or we can still take them out somewhere..I might just have to pop a blanket down if you don’t want their clothes to get messy!

children session

My children’s sessions cover all ages of children from energetic toddlers to self conscious 10 year olds. The shoot will be fun and relaxed for your children. I will focus on the child/children but we can also sneak in a couple of shots with you parents if you would like.

I’ve had parents say to me that their child doesn’t like having their photo taken or they “won’t smile for you” It’s about capturing that personality that you love, not just that big smile to the camera. Children will go through a range of emotions in one photoshoot so with a little patience, games and plenty of snacks we will get those photographs that you will treasure…even if they don’t smile once!

family session

My family shoots are aimed to capture the whole family naturally interacting with each other. There will be group shots and a few single shots of the children. This shoot does not have to be limited to the children and parents, it could also include grandparents or other family members. Children can have a close bond with other family members and this can be lovely to capture in pictures.

These sessions work best in an outside location with lots of space and light. That doesn’t mean it can’t be at your own home, but if you have a house with limited space then it would work best to go into the garden or outside to some beautiful natural location.

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